Chapter 20


"Redeem you from what?" asked Satan, still puzzled.

"Redeem me from my own stupidity," said Yahweh. "From boneheadedness. From not knowing obedience isn't love."

Yahweh looked at Satan pleadingly. "Redeem me, my son," he said. "Redeem an old man who thought he knew everything and yet knows nothing. Forgive me, Satan," he said, "Forgive my foolishness."

He looked at Satan with such despair that Satan thought his own heart would break. He smiled and held out his arms to his father, who let himself be enfolded by them and pulled to Satan's body to be held tightly against him. Yahweh began crying. Satan held his father, then kissed his forehead and, finally, kissed his father on the lips, then held him in a long embrace.

"Forgive me, my son. Forgive your father."

"I love you, Father," said Satan. "And that is forgiveness enough."

They sat in the stable holding each other for the longest  time.